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SHED the Mask

SHED the Mask stands for Student High Escape to Drama; it’s a non-competitive drama festival that provides workshops and a supportive environment for the exploration of drama and theatre. Schools and students are able to present productions in a supportive theatre atmosphere working along students and staff from Southern Alberta high schools. This years SHED the Mask festival will need to continue to be on hold with COVID 19 restrictions. 

PERFORMANCES:  Schools are invited to share their work by performing at the festival. All types of performances are welcome; however, the performance should be school appropriate. The number of shows each school may bring will vary according to running time of the show. If students do not wish to perform, they will still enjoy watching the work of others.  Schools do not have to have a production in order to attend.

WORKSHOPS:  Exciting workshops are planned for the festival. The workshops will run between the performances and students will receive several workshop opportunities during the festival. A final schedule of workshops and presentations will be made available once the registration date is closed.